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Caviar Bar

by Chef Shaun Hergatt

Chef Shaun Hergatt

Chef Shaun Hergatt is an award-winning, classically trained chef. Hergatt began his apprenticeship in Cairns when he was 17, but his informal training began years before. Hergatt grew up in Australia with his Scandinavian grandmother and professional chef father, who instilled a love of flavorful foods in him from a young age. Since completing his formal training, Hergatt’s served as chef de cuisine and executive chef at world-class restaurants in Australia and the United States. Since moving to the U.S., Hergatt’s worked for reputable Michelin star restaurants in New York City and Miami. His accolades include being named “Best New Chef” by New York Magazine. New York Magazine and Esquire also awarded his first New York restaurant, “Best New Restaurant..” Hergatt is known for his culinary artistry and attention to detail, crafting exquisite dishes that look and taste superb.